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Facilities and Resource






      The Library Center serves for academic, teaching, research and training purposes and is used by students, faculty members and staff. It also serves as the IT and Education network at the national and regional level.

Opening hours:
July – October and December – March
Monday – Friday 8.00-21.30 pm
For general public: only from 8.00-19.30 pm

April – June and November
Monday – Friday 8.00-19.30 pm
January – December
Saturday – Sunday 10 am -19.30 pm

Closed on holidays
Open on substitution                    
holidays: 10:00-19:30 am



 Fitness Center 




   The Fitness Center has indoor and outdoor facilities for squash, badminton, tennis, table tennis, basketball, football and a weights room. Available for use by students, faculty members and staff.






Nurse office/first aid



Lower-level Indoor Stadium
Tel: 02-727 3441

Mon - Fri 8.30-19.30 pm
Sat - Sun 10.00-16.00 pm
Closed on holidays

1. Orawan Thiranut
2. Maneerat Suwanrat

Doctor Waiyawut Srihirunwong
Office hour Monday and Thursday
13.00-16.00 pm



Nida Apartment



     Furnished Accommodation for Students
Boonchana Atthakor Building, NIDA, floors 11 and 12
Furnished, en-suite single and double rooms with TV (4 channels of UBC), fridge and air conditioning.

Other facilities:
- washing machine
- safety system (key card), close-circuit security camera
- cleaning service available